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The Books of Wonder, Band 2


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Tommy Wonder war einer der renommiertesten Zauberkünstler in der Welt. Seine Bühnen- und Close up-Magie ist perfekt durchdacht. Seine 'Books of Wonder' zählen inzwischen zu den wichtigsten Werken, die über die Zauberkunst geschrieben wurden. Neben wunderschönen Routinen, die in allen Einzelheiten beschrieben werden, erhalten Sie einen faszinierenden Einblick in die Psychologie und Philosophie der Zauberkunst.

Those are the main ingredients that infuse THE BOOKS OF WONDER and make them unique in the literature of conjuring. In the two volumes that make up this work Tommy Wonder, with all the fervency of a lover, amasses the fruits born of an intense passion for magic that spans more than twenry-five years. Tricks, routines, tools and essays mingle and build upon one another to create a detailed picture of how magic is raised from a craft to an art, and made a meaningful, theatrical experience for its audiences.
Volume II of THE BOOKS OF WONDER opens with a substantial chap-ter on close-up magic with other objects than cards and coins, and includes insightful essays on problems related to close-up performance, such äs how do you approach tables, introducing yourself and your magic, do you sit or stand while performing, dealing with noisy environments, and more.
The second chapter is devoted to breakthroughs in Cups and Balls work. Featured is Tommy Wonder's famous Two-cup Routine in an updated form. Other chapters offer manipulative tricks and routines for the platform and stage, invaluable utiliry devices that can create apparent miracles, and innovations for the Vanishing Birdcage, Zombie and the Nest of Boxes. All this is accompanied by an iconoclastic refutation of "The Too Perfect Theory" and further fascinating and informative essays.
THE BOOKS OF WONDER may well be one of the most important works on magic ever written. In its pages are found important contributions to conjuring's storehouse of tricks, psychology and philosophy. But most important, these volumes chronicle one man's lifelong love affair with magic in a way never before achieved.

Jeder Band hat ca. 330 Seiten, ist gebunden, mit vielen Abbildungen versehen und in englischer Sprache verfasst.


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